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Becoming your best

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Yes, competition to a certain extent is healthy and actually i love to compete. Win or lose, i enjoyed the progress.
Wow, is it true?
Or is it because i win most of the time? I do not know until a few years back when things start to fall apart in my life. The conclusion is actually i do not exactly enjoy the progress but i enjoy winning. I must agree that those results didn’t come easy.
I studied very hard to get my straight As in both my O and A levels.
I am thankful I reached my goal and smelled victory.

Even before i graduate, i was doing some online selling and had good income coming in every month.
I believed I became slightly arrogant and I broke my teaching bond just 3 months into NIE (Singapore teaching college).
On top of some personal family issues, I thought the system has too many regulations AND pay me too little for the hours of work i put in.
I forgot about my passion. 😦

From then on, everything just went wrong. My online business slided after 2 years. Apparently, my supplier was advertising his business in the best way he know how and i end up having a dozen of competitors. I cut loss and went to find a corporate job. I was actually doing well. Had a very nice lady boss and i was promoted in the first 2 years. Besides that, my “ang mo” director favoured me. But i wasn’t happy. I thought a higher compensation can make me more happy and i went to another company with a 29% pay increase. I was wrong. I got more money but have to face talking with people who uses “colorful” languages which i detest.

Thank God for giving me the courage to pursue what i enjoyed doing ( which is teaching) despite the pay cut.

That is my story and what i am trying to say is that everyone actually only needs to be focused at our own race.
We are often insecure because we are always comparing and looking at what others is doing/wearing.
Woot! Just dress up!

Don’t look at your friends, and wish to be a S size, be the best M or L size in the world.

Nobody can be a better You than You.

MCQs on Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings

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Attention all hannahtuition Science students,

please attempt the following MCQs after you recieve my watsapp, sms, or any mobile message. 🙂

You may either write on piece of paper OR copy and paste these equations with your answers on the comment below.

We will go through this in the next lesson. Enjoy!


1. What is the purpose of reproduction?

(A) To produce new species

(B) To increase the numbers of organisms

(C) To ensure the continuation of the species

(D) To divide cells

2. Humans reproduce by .

(A) Sexual reproduction

(B) Bisexual reproduction

(C) In-vitro fertilization

(D) Simple cell division


3. During sexual reproduction, .

1: fertilization must occur

11: the offspring are not the same as the parents

111: a single parent cell divides into two new cells

IV: two specialized cells are involved

(A) l and IV only

(B) II and III only

(C) I, II, IV only

(D) all of the above



Questions 4 to 6 refer to the following options.


4. Which diagram shows a male sex cell

5. Which diagram shows a female sex cell?

6. Which diagram shows an organism that reproduces by simple cell division?

Questions 7 and 8 refer to the following options.

(A) Uterus (B) Testes (C) ovary (D) Oviduct

7. Where are human sperms produced?

8. Where are human eggs produced?

9. Which of the following cannot move across the placenta from the mother to the developing embryo?

(A) food (a) water (6) Carbon dioxide (D) Red blood cells

10. When a human sperm fuses with a human egg, how many chromosomes will the fertilized egg have?

(A) 23 single chromosomes

(B) 23 pairs of chromosomes

(C) 46 single chromosomes 

(D) 46 pairs of chromosomes

11. What is being developed if a single fertilized egg divides in two embryos?

(A) 2 boys (B) 2 girls (C) One boy and one girl (D) two identical boys or girls  

12. What substance causes physical changes In a boy during puberty?

(A) Sperm (B) Semen (C) Testosterone (D) Oestrogen

13. In a 28-day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs at days _______

(A) l to 5 (B) 13 to 15 (c) 19 to 21 (D) 25 to 28

14. Human sex cells have 23 single chromosomes. How many chromosome(s) is/are involved in deciding the sex of the child

(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 22 (D) 13

15. Human egg cells contain an X chromosome. Human sperm cells either have an X chromosome or a Y chromosome. What combination of X and Y chromosomes must be found in the normal cells of a adult female?

(A) XX (B) XY (C) YX (D) YY

16. Which part of the male reproductive system carries sperm and urine at different times?

(A) Scrotum

(B) Sex glands

(C ) Urethra

(d) Sperm duct


That’s all, folks. 🙂

Balancing chemical equations

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Is this chemical equation balanced?

The above chemical equation took me quite a while to balance. 🙂

Balancing of equations is crucial because it will affect the calculations of mole, mass of reactants and volume of gas which is another chapter altogether.

Attention all hannahtuition Science students, please balance the following chemical equations after receiving my mobile msg.  You may either write on piece of paper OR copy and paste these equations with your answers on the comment below.

Have Fun! 🙂

1)      __SeCl6  + __O2     —->    ___SeO2  + __Cl2

2)      __(NH4)3PO4  + __Pb(NO3)4       —>                   __Pb3(PO4)4  + __NH4NO3

3)      __KOH + __H3PO4         —>                 __K3PO4  + __H2O

4)      __H3PO4   + ___HCl           —>           __PCl5  + __H2O

5)      __Ca3(PO4)2   + ___H2SO4         —>              __CaSO4  + __Ca(H2PO4)2

6)     ___H2SO + __MgCO3 —>              __MgSO4 + __CO2  + __H2O

7)      __NH4NO3           —>               __N2  + __O2  + __H2O

8)      __ V2O5   + ___HCl   —>                    __VOCl3  + __H2O

9)      __As   + ___NaOH     —>               __Na3AsO3  + __H2

10)      __(NH4)2CO3      —>                   __NH3  + __CO2  + __H2O

Technology for education – Is it just about powerpoint slides?

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Take a look at this Web app aims to help teachers act on classroom data! Kinda cool to me!

Drop the chalk – kind of cool 🙂

I always believe in the importance of data. As we all know, Google “subscibe to” Twitter information for a Few Millions and Twitter, i believe, only has data to offer.  Just been informed (infact corrected by reader- see comment below ) that this contact has ceased though.

Think about it. Without data, there will not be even be a Maths division called statistics.

I wonder how many schools have actually such an app or dashboard. It pinpoint the skills and lessons that need to be re-taught, which students need tutoring and which class is performing better in which subjects. I’m quite sure the higher management will love this dashboard as they ALWAYS like to see analysis report , trending ppt ( of course , teachers or administrative personnel have now more work to key students grades. *Sian*.)

Sian –  singlish [means put off, not interested, dishearten all add together] 😉

Well, i’m pretty sure many schools already have a system in place to key in or upload students grades. Perhaps, all they need are programmers to synchronise the 2 systems.

For me, such an extensive education dashboard is a WOW but I think I don’t need it yet. I do it in a more tribal way now. Keying all my students grades in a simple excel program that I have built. This way, I can track my students’ progress and student, set targets and email it to my students.  It somehow make them feel excited. I observe that the younger generation is attracted to technology in a certain way – especially the virtual world.

Hence, I try to involve “techno-flavour” in my lessons too. Especially in Science, I received a lot of general questions which I do not have an answer at that moment in time and I am not ashamed of that. To me, its ok that we do not know everything but its significant to inculcate the habit of learning and finding out the answer for questions that we can’t answer.

I make a point to jot down the questions and do research. Students are to do the same. And both of us are given 2 mins each to present our findings online via iPhone/Android/ iPad in the next session.

Both their presentation skills and knowledge are enhanced. 🙂  


I am not exactly a technology-person but take a look at the “surround-techno” system in my new place. Woot!

Our cool desktop area at home.
Hubby built this but i kinda dislike the messy wires under the table. Hehe.

Raising fluent communicators.

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Although academic grades are important, they should not  be the sole “field” to sow our seeds in. Successful people are those who have confidence and self-belief to pursue  their dreams and determination to overcome harsh moments.

When I am in NTU, I still remembered distinctly that it has always been the foreigners (especially the caucasians)  who threw questions back at the lecturer or answered questions spontaneously (even when they do not  know the answer). Contrast this with the fact  that most Singaporeans just hope that they can disappear (or camouflage) into the background. ( Hee.. I  was one of them).

After I graduated and stepped into the working world, I realised that westerners and people with fluent English are perceived to be more  creative and dynamic. I personally agree they are much better communicators and they are able to formulate their ideas and sell them to their bosses, colleagues and clients.

Hence, I believe strongly that developing communication  skills in our children is as important as teaching them ABC. The basic  foundations for a fluent communicator are confidence in themselves to speak up  and to present their ideas within a group.

Take a look at how a 9 year  old summarises the bible in less than 10 mins confidently.

Frankly, I think some adults cannot do this as well as he did.

Although he did not get  some of the facts right (like Adam and Eve eating from the  tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life) and, yes, I believe he memorised the speech but I think  he did an awesome job.

Our young children have  immeasurable potential.

Enjoy and start raising fearless kids!

Some of my students…

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I have asked some of my students to share with me a picture of themselves as i want to write something on them and also to build my students database. This shall be a database for me to monitor my tuition journey. Hopefully it will like a chest of success stories and photos to remember the characters’ faces. 🙂

Below, let me proudly present those who are fearless to share. The rest of my students are the typical shy Singapore children. 🙂

Nicholas Chong (North Vista Secondary School)

Nicholas is quite a cool dude for his age. He is not the act tough type which i feel is more cool than those attention-seeking teens who try to act cool or tough.

However, he surprise me at times with his last-minute changes. Duh.

He score distinction for his Mathematics, B for his Science and his English improve from average 50 in CA1 to 70 in SA2 in 2011. Kudos!

Nicholas continue to do well in 2012. Now, 3rd in his level. 🙂

Jasmine Chu ( Riverside Secondary School)

A fast learner. One special case where i have to request her mother to change our 2-hr session to 1.5hr because it will be quite boring for both of us to see her do practice for the last half an hour.

Jasmine strikes me by someone who is determined and knows what she wants.

She did very well (avg grade of 85) for both Mathematics and Science in 2011. Very proud of her!

Ng Shuan Lik ( Yishun Town Secondary School)

Shuan Lik is a very nice guy. His family too. I am so shocked and flattered when his family gave me a nice crystal jade mooncake set during the mooncake festival.

Shuan Lik is responsible and a nice student to coach. He can be quite cheeky at times. Ha.

He scored distinctions for Mathematics and Science for his SA2.

Jasmine Toh (Seng Kang Secondary School)

Jasmine is a cheerful girl. She speaks quite loudly when she gets excited at times. Haha. She achieved distinctions for both her Mathematics and Science from CA1 to SA2 in 2011. Jasmine top her class in 2012 SA1 and holds the second place in her level.

Good Job!

By the way, she is my cousin. 🙂