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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Science Quiz on Heat and Matter (Primary 3 and 4) . Top Scorer: Adam Wong. Keep it up!

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This is last week Science Quiz. It’s a short quiz which aims to test certain basic concepts for the chapters.

As I only have several primary school students this year and I do not like to highlight who are the bottom few so my habit is only to disclose the one score the highest for this quiz.

Top Scorer: Adam Wong (Jiemin Primary School)

P4 Mathematics Daily Exercises on Angles

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BIG thanks to all my students for their presents!

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Its heart warming to receive this special one.


I had been teaching this primary boy for a while. He used to score 20plus for his maths n science and my lessons with him never fail to exhaust most of my energy. He is quite hyper-active, asks a lot of general questions and has very short attention span.

I remembered scolding and punishing him for not paying attention during lesson a few times.

But I have faith that he will do much better this round. He is more confident as his results slowly picks up. His mum has been doing revision with him almost every night to reinforce what is taught in school. 🙂

His mum’s positive attitude has impacted me in a huge way. 🙂

Lower Secondary Electricity Questions (Calculate Voltage, Resistance and Current)

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Realise some of my students are still rather weak in the calculations portion of this chapter. Drew some questions on my whiteboard quickly and posted these questions. *apologies for the not-so high definition of the images. I don’t want to spend a lot of time drawings circuits using computer programs. 😉 *

To those students (Justin, Ifah, Celeste) who receive my mobile message on this post, please attempt these questions as homework. Will go through during lesson.


HINT: Note what kind of circuits before calculations

Another good news from my upper secondary girl.

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I’m always happy to receive such sms from my students.

She is a very intelligent girl but sometimes she will doubt herself and tell me all the people in her class are so smart. She forgot she is in the same class. 🙂


She did not do well for her e maths this round.  I hope she is not demotivated but thrive for better results this EOY exams! 🙂

Beautiful Sunday

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Although i rushed several tuition assignments last Sunday ( which i dont usually do as Sunday is the only get-together day with my husband), i enjoyed myself and i believe my students enjoyed the classes too.

I was exceptionally happy because one of the student whom had been giving me problems by not doing his homework or simply rushing through it without putting much thought, finally hand up his work NICELY and PROMPTLY.

Yes. I admit i feel like quitting so many times after a kid shows me attitude after being corrected. But I’m glad i did not.

Love the clip below. (Although its a advertisement for a learning center but it speaks a lot to me and reminded me those reasons why i did not give up.)

Yeah! Just receive another good news from one of my student on her CA results!

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Student name: Noor Arifah

Level: Secondary 2

School: Riverside Secondary School



















Ifah is a quiet and gentle girl.

She always finish whatever homework i gave. * Wise girl * if not having tuition is just getting another person to nag at you for not finishing homework. :S

By the way, I am not the kind of tutor whom students can get away without doing or finishing my homework. And i dont give A LOT of homework unless the student seriously need practice.
If this is not the kind of tuition teacher you want, please tell me gently and i can recommend another tutor for you. Hee. I have a friend who runs a tuition agency.


Back to Ifah, Im looking forward to her great results for EOY examinations! 🙂