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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Lower Secondary Inequality Question (Mathematics) VIDEO

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Hey Jas T,

look at the video to solve the inequality question you sent me today.


Let me know if you still have any questions.

Good night! 🙂



P4/5 Science Thinking Points & Keywords for SPELLING ( Plant & Human Systems)

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I will be doing revision on plant and human systems for my P4 and P5 on plant and human systems next week.

Parents, please ask your child to read the notes below and learn the spelling of the words in bold. Thanks!

Sec 2 Algebra Quiz ( Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh , Sengkang Secondary School)

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Sec 2 Algebra Quiz ( Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh , Sengkang Secondary School)

Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh

(Sengkang Secondary School)

Jasmine scored 20 out of 25 which is a pretty 80%.

I have 7 Secondary 2 students (both NA and Express). I gave them the same paper and I am proud to see that a few of my NA students did very well. 😀

I think it shows that it is OK that you are not one of the PSLE top scorers. As long as you work hard in secondary school, you can still catch up. I believe everything is possible and we should give the young ones hope. 🙂

P4 Fractions Problem Sum Video

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I did a short video on solving a problem sum on Fractions.

Some students do not know what to do next when they have to “split” 2 units into 3 parts or 3 units into 5 parts.

Try to solve this problem.

Bala gave 3/5 of his toy cars to Nicholas and 2/3 of the remainder to Sean. Bala has 10 toy cars left. How many toy cars does Bala have at first?


It is quite a simple question on fractions but it illustrate the concept well.

Primary Science Notes (Classification of plants)

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I have realise students either score very well or very poorly in this topic. This is because this topic requires the students to know and remember certain plant names.

Most of the students I spoke to find it difficult to remember the plant names as they do not have a visual image of the plants at all, apart from some sketches they see in some textbooks.

I have put together some images of common plants that frequently appear in examination questions.

Parents, please get the children to learn these plant names. There will be a short spelling quiz on these plant names in the next lesson. Thanks!

P3 / P4 Science Quiz (Classification and Life-cycles of plants)

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Actually, all of P4 students did not do well in last week Science quiz. The scores ranges from 50-70% which I am not satisfied. Thus, there will be a re-test on this topic again. 🙂


I have went through all the questions in the individual classes.

Please do corrections and prepare for re-test!

This chapter requires learning and remembering several plants names.

Students and Parents, please take note.


Trying to do a slider for my blog header but I cant seem to get it up yet. Sharing my thoughts on teaching & hannahtuition

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Here are some of my thoughts I want to convey using the slider header.  🙂

First Slide: Children Should be taught How to Think Not What to Think 🙂

I like to challenge my students to think or relate to similar questions or logic when the students ask me to solve certain questions. I realise some children did not realise they give up easily when faced with some “seemingly difficult” problems.

Most of the time, I do not need to tell them the solution. Just prompt them a few questions and they can solve it themselves!! YEA!!

(Never underestimate how much knowledge and skills children can pick up. When I am coaching golf part-time to pre-schoolers, most of the parents can not believe when we told them our target is to train these kids to complete an executive par 3 golf course.)


Second Slide: Involve children during teaching ( No more 1 way communication please! )

You can not teach a child to swim when both of you are not in the water.

Both teacher and the students need to get into the pool.

A child learns best when they feel safe to explore, to ask questions and to fail.


Third Slide: Defending one of my favourite subject. 🙂

Most of the children no longer “brand” Mathematics as a boring subject after they understand certain concepts and could score well in the Maths exams. 🙂


Fourth Slide: Goals i set for myself. 🙂


Fifth Slide: Keeping myself sane while I excel in my work. 🙂


There are so many things I want to do. But there are only 24 hours a day.

I pray that God prospers the works of my hands and let me achieve many things done in the time I have. 🙂