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The complete story of hannahtuition – new students or parents, must read :)

I am a full-time tutor specializing in Primary Mathematics, P3/P4 Science, Lower Secondary Maths and Science and Upper Secondary A-maths and E-maths.

I am very passionate about teaching /moulding young children!! I can be very firm at times as i feel the need to correct children and not only be their friend. I thank God and pray that God give me wisdom and place me at correct timing so that my words carry weight to the young ones. 🙂

Lately, I have taken up an assignment to coach a Primary 4 boy. The reason why I took it up was his mum.
She has impacted me a lot in my thinking on parenting.
The boy has slight attention disorder and it was harder to make him understand certain concepts.
She is a working mother and yet spends time teaching the boy everyday after work.
Although the results do not justify the additional hours she spends coaching her son, she does not give up.
She always wears a smile and has faith that her son will do well eventually.

Im believing with her. It shall be so.


Looking back at the past decade, it seems I have taken up several job assignments dealing with young children.

Although I have no knowledge at all in golf, I was a pre-schooler golf teacher during my university vacation.
I remembered the golf school founder telling me that ALL she need from her golf teachers is to be passionate about working with young children.
With that, I was put through several months of basic golf training program and passed the golf etiquette and golf rules tests.

Seeing young children being able to focus in their putting gives me great satisfaction.
Much more achievement is felt when students understand that having good golf etiquette is better than scoring a birdie.


Besides stuffs that I have learned from the children through my tuition experience, I have been reading on education, cognitive development, parenting and I am here to share my thoughts with all of you.


Over this year, i realise that this blog has spurn from a personal blog to a website where many of my students, parents and friends follow my posts especially on my teaching materials.

You may use whatever you find useful and should there be any errors in any resources ( yes, i make mistakes too. 🙂 ) , i appreciate that you drop me a note and i will look into it.

Thank you.

I am not a mum (yet).
But I do hope I can be a mummy to a few lovely children soon.

By writing these notes down, I, too, will have something to refer to when I become a mummy.

Feeding the sheeps. A life-long journey. 🙂

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