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hannahtuition – TERMS & CONDITIONS :-)


For one-to-one tuition,

Tuition fees are charged on a 4 or 8 sessions basis and full payment must be made payable by the end of every calender month.

For small group tuition,

Tuition fees are charged on a 4 sessions basis and full payment must be made payable at the beginning of every calender month prior to the start of a class.

Cash, cheques or banking transfer are accepted. Kindly contact me for my bank details should you want to do a bank transfer or write me a cheque.

Make-Up Classes

There will be make-up classes for all cancelled lessons except for the following;

– New Year’s Day ( For all students)

– Chinese New Year holidays (For Chinese students)

– Hari Raya Puasa ( For Malay students)

– Hari Raya Haji ( For Malay students)

– Deepavali ( For Tamil students)

– Christmas Day ( For all Hannahtuition students)

– 3 weeks break after Mid-year and End-of-year exams

School Holidays

Hannahtuition gives all students 3 week break after the Mid-year and End-of-year examinations. After which, lessons will resume as usual.

For parents who want to engage my service for the next academic year, there will be lessons during the December school holidays. Make-up arrangements will be made for any lessons cancelled due to travelling.

Cancellation of tuition lessons should be made at least one day in advance. Cancellation without prior notice will be subjected to approval for special case arrangement by Hannahtuition.

Make-up classes cannot be accumulated to offset the tuition fees for the following calender month.

Kindly note that any make-up classes cancelled by the student/parent will be charged.

Increment of lesson fees

For one-to-one tuition,

Kindly note that there is a $5 increment in the hourly rate as the student promote to the next academic level.

For small group tuition,

Kindly note that there is a $20 increment in the monthly rate as the student promote to the next academic level.

Resources, Photos And Media

Due to the proprietary nature of tuition business, teaching resources, photos and videos may only be taken with the prior permission of Hannahtuition.


A 14 (Fourteen) days written notice is required for any termination by the parent(s).


Terms and Conditions stated are subject to change at any time without prior written notice from Hannahtuition.


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  1. Hi Hannah,

    My daughter is in P4 this year. I would like to have one to one
    Next year .
    Kindly contact me for math and science


    • Hi Fennie,

      Thanks for reading my blog and contacting me.

      I am sorry that I can only confirm with you if I can coach your daughter next year in Dec2012.
      This is because I have agreed to keep my slots for my existing students if they want to continue with hannahtuition next year.
      (If you are living in the north, you may want to consider having small group tuition at my humble place. I only take in maximum of 4 students in a class so that I can address their enquiries individually. Research has shown that humans learn best in small groups. :))

      Meanwhile, I will appreciate if you can let me know the following details.
      – Your estate (you do not need to give full address, just let me know the estate i.e. Ang Mo Kio will do).
      – Any requested timings
      – Other comments on the child’s behaviour or learning speed

      Kindly email me at or sms me at 82888792.
      I will follow-up with you offline. 🙂

      Thank you and have a blessed day.



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