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hannahtuition ONLY tutor academic results :-)

Decided to ‘showcase’ my academic results after a few parents requested for it. 🙂

In summary,

O Levels: L1R4 – 7, L1R5 – 9

A Levels: 3 Distinctions in Higher Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics


  • Second Class Honours Degree in Materials Engineering
  • Masters of Science


I “covered” my full name and my identity card number. ( Not for mystery effect. hehe). I just felt these personal information should not be bared to the whole world on the internet.  Parents and students, you can get to see the real certificates on my tuition room wall if you come over to my humble place. 🙂

Of course, i can bring these certificates over if tuition is not at my place. Just pre-alert me in advance. 🙂

The schools name are not hiden though. As one can see, I am a “Yishun” girl. My primary school, secondary school and junior college are all in Yishun. Although my GCE O Levels results enables me to go to a better Junior College, i stayed in Yishun Junior College.


Because most of my friends are there! ( Ooops, thats not what i told my parents. Hehe. )  But thank God for wonderful, committed teachers in Yishun Junior College whom helped me to achieve three distinctions in my GCE A Levels.

I also attached my Masters transcript to “exhibit” my GPA of 4.0. Woot! Im very happy with this result because this masters course was indeed a test of my time management.

Working in a logistics company in the first 2 years and taking masters degree part-time is no joke. **pat pat myself on my back.** : -)

I have not received my Masters certificate yet as i just graduated in July 2012.

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