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Introduction to Classification of things: Living & Non-living things

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Here is a introduction quiz for my little P3 students who are taking Science subject for the first time next year!

Kindly complete this worksheet in 15 minutes. I will be going through this in class this week.

More interesting questions on classification of animals and plants are coming!

I will inform your mummies when those questions are ready!


P5 Science – Cells

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Teaching Cells to my P5 students this week.

Take a look at animal and plant cell. We are doing comparison of these 2 cells and learning the different parts and functions of a cell.

This is a plant cell.

Try to fill in the blanks with the cell parts below!

We will also be covering cell division, unicellular living compounds and also how cells form tissue and then organ. A few organs form a system.

Take a look at the questions below. I will be going through in class next week. 🙂

P5 Maths – Percentage

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This week, I am teaching a new topic to my P4 students. They will be in P5 next year and they are pretty excited about it.

Usually, I will cover those topics that they will be facing for the first time in P5. ( For instance, percentage, rate and average).

Here are this week exercises on percentage.

(You should already get the worksheets during lesson. If you lose it, please print from my website). 🙂

Parents and students, please do not get frustrated or discouraged if you are still unable to do the questions.

This is only the first lesson on percentage. I will be going through the questions next week.

See you all soon.

P4/5 Science Thinking Points & Keywords for SPELLING ( Plant & Human Systems)

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I will be doing revision on plant and human systems for my P4 and P5 on plant and human systems next week.

Parents, please ask your child to read the notes below and learn the spelling of the words in bold. Thanks!

P4 Fractions Problem Sum Video

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I did a short video on solving a problem sum on Fractions.

Some students do not know what to do next when they have to “split” 2 units into 3 parts or 3 units into 5 parts.

Try to solve this problem.

Bala gave 3/5 of his toy cars to Nicholas and 2/3 of the remainder to Sean. Bala has 10 toy cars left. How many toy cars does Bala have at first?


It is quite a simple question on fractions but it illustrate the concept well.

Primary Science Notes (Classification of plants)

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I have realise students either score very well or very poorly in this topic. This is because this topic requires the students to know and remember certain plant names.

Most of the students I spoke to find it difficult to remember the plant names as they do not have a visual image of the plants at all, apart from some sketches they see in some textbooks.

I have put together some images of common plants that frequently appear in examination questions.

Parents, please get the children to learn these plant names. There will be a short spelling quiz on these plant names in the next lesson. Thanks!

P3 / P4 Science Quiz (Classification and Life-cycles of plants)

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Actually, all of P4 students did not do well in last week Science quiz. The scores ranges from 50-70% which I am not satisfied. Thus, there will be a re-test on this topic again. 🙂


I have went through all the questions in the individual classes.

Please do corrections and prepare for re-test!

This chapter requires learning and remembering several plants names.

Students and Parents, please take note.


P3/P4 Primary Science QUIZ (Classification and Life-cycles of Animals)

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Highest Score: 80%

Joel Seah

Woodgrove Primary School

I am very happy for Joel. He has worked hard and came a long way. 🙂

He needs to be consistant. I expect him to do well for this quiz because it is his favourite topic. Getting the highest score is definately icing on the cake! 🙂 As promised, he will recieve his KOI bubble tea from me next lesson. 🙂

For him, focus and time-management during examinations is the key.


Primary 4 Mathematics ( Time, perpendicular & parallel lines ) problem sums

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This week exercises are a little different. Its a combination of short questions and problem sums on 2 topics ( Time and perpendicular & parallel lines)

End of year exams coming! Excited!

P4 Mathematics Daily Exercises on Angles

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