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I want to hear your thoughts…

Hey parents, or my beloved students!!

Ms Ang aka Mrs Chew wants to hear from you.

If you have any feedback regarding my blog, my lessons, or just encouragement you want to shower upon me, please let me know by commenting on this page.

If you  prefer the email approach, you may also email your thoughts to me at

I hope and believe that the students whom i coach will soar higher and higher as my lessons transform and improve continuously!

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  1. Hi Ms Ang, or Mrs Chew, would like to say that your tuition lessons have helped me with my weaker subjects and I like how the way you teached me unlike other tuition teachers before. I don’t really have any negative comments and thank you for teaching me! 😊😄

    • Hey Ifah,
      Thank you! It has been a pleasure teaching you. You are a very teachable person and when I correct you, you don’t take it personally. Instead you focus on your problems and hence you help me to help you to get better and better grades!!! Yeah!!

  2. Hi Ms Ang, I have benefited a lot from your tuition lessons. I had really bad grades from the start of last year and now it had improved by a lot. Negative comments? Nope!! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hey Lik,
      You are a fast learner. But please promise me to revise your work so as to retain the information or knowledge you learned? hee. 🙂

      Don’t worry. You can still play your guitar! I am sure you have the wisdom to know what is important at different times. 🙂

      Lets work hard together for amazing Sec 3 results!!

  3. Hi MrsChew :p! I really enjoy your lessons a lot as it benefited me. I remember how i use to get those just pass marks in primary school, but however after you tutoring me in secondary school, my grades for my maths and science improved to an A1. Every time without fail, when i dont understand what you’re saying, you would explain till i understand! & you would do videos to teach us how to do a certain question when we don’t have lessons until the next week. I don’t have nothing to complain, so yea, thank god and god bless you :p.

    • Hey Jas,

      You are such a lively girl! Someone who burns midnight oil during revisions and still can take great pictures and share it on instagram! I love this positive attitude!

      Although sometimes, i have to ask you to ‘ssshhhh’ because you are simply too energetic and ‘loud’. Haha. But i am very sure your future is bright!

      Continue to shine! and motivate your friends!

      I am glad to be able to coach you.

      God bless you richly too! 🙂

  4. hi ms ang 🙂 I really like your tuition lessons because the timing is flexible and my emath has improved a lot ! thank you ! there’s nothing I dislike about your lessons just that sometimes I dread tuition cuz I’m lazy LOL

    • Hi Jasmine,

      You are a very smart girl.
      And no, you are not lazy. I don’t want you to keep confessing the wrong things. 🙂

      Tuition timing flexible? Haha. That is because your place is very near to mine. And you didn’t change tuition really a lot. If you change often, i will “scold” you. Hee.

      Lets give our best shot for your O Levels next year! 🙂

  5. Hi mdm Ang,so far you are the best tutor I ever met. You had boost all my subject to A. I have no doubt on your teaching method. You are the best!!

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Mdm Ang? Wow. Cool.
      I thought you always call me Cindy?

      Nicholas, like i always tell you. You just need to brush up on your English and the rest will fall in place. 🙂
      Thanks for being a nice student. 🙂

  6. I love your teaching:D Your motivations and all. Thank you! All my subjects improved. Especially my Maths and Science(:

    • Hey Jessie,

      Thanks for putting in effort. I know its not easy to come in the middle of the year and have to catch up with the rest.
      I am happy to know your EOY results! *thumbs up**

      See you soon for holidays lessons!

      : )


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