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Sec 3 Geometrical properties of circle ( Question solved ) See Video

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Recieved this question from one of my secondary 3 girl.

I videotaped the solutions so that my other secondary 3 students can see it.

–> Side note to JasC, you shall practice all the 60 plus questions possible untill you “kill” this topic. 😉

I thought you can skip the first video on the first part which you managed to solve. 🙂


Bye Bye!

Finally, time to chill out with my hubby! 😀


Another good news from my upper secondary girl.

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I’m always happy to receive such sms from my students.

She is a very intelligent girl but sometimes she will doubt herself and tell me all the people in her class are so smart. She forgot she is in the same class. 🙂


She did not do well for her e maths this round.  I hope she is not demotivated but thrive for better results this EOY exams! 🙂