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Beautiful Sunday

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Although i rushed several tuition assignments last Sunday ( which i dont usually do as Sunday is the only get-together day with my husband), i enjoyed myself and i believe my students enjoyed the classes too.

I was exceptionally happy because one of the student whom had been giving me problems by not doing his homework or simply rushing through it without putting much thought, finally hand up his work NICELY and PROMPTLY.

Yes. I admit i feel like quitting so many times after a kid shows me attitude after being corrected. But I’m glad i did not.

Love the clip below. (Although its a advertisement for a learning center but it speaks a lot to me and reminded me those reasons why i did not give up.)

Every child is a gem unpolished

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I say every child is a gem unpolished. Yes, u heard me right. Unpolished. Whether or not, the child excels in his/her studies, they are still unpolished gems.

Polishing requires enjoying trials, problems, success, and experiences in life every day. Polishing requires building castle in the air and putting foundations below them. Polishing requires practice of pushing oneself up after a fall, brushing the dust off and stand tall to fight again.

I hate to say that today’s kids are not exposed to much polishing until much later stage in life which make failures harder for them to swallow.

Our children are not ‘spoiled’. They are just ‘unpolished’.

I have a student who does not have a pencil and yes, he does not even has a pencil case. He rushes through all his questions and always ends up not answering what the question want. He seldom passes his Mathematics and he has little confidence in clearing one. I have no qualms on his ability (in fact for most of my students). This boy and many of my students just have bad habits and no procedures to make learning easier.

Although i loathe SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) during my corporate years, i definitely see the effectiveness and benefits of the habit of adhering to these SOPs. I started to put up a few SOPs for this boy and both the tutor and tutee struggle in the first few months.  😦

Thank God. This boy started to pass his examinations with flying colours. And he started to believe more in my SOPs. Yes!


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

Discipline Not Abuse

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I thought this is a nice short clip on disciplining children.

I want to share some useful discipline methodology which I have learned from Sunday school (My husband shared these tips with me). I find them particularly useful with my own students. 🙂
– Maintain eye contact when you are talking to the kids.
This ensure that (1) you have their attention, (2) they can “see” and “read” your face and (3) that they “know” you are not talking down at them.

– Try to squat instead of bending down to the same level during the conservation.
– When kids do not behave, do not ask them to go back to their room. ( The time-out place should not be their room or their comfort territory).
– The time-out place should be a safe place in the house where there are no toys and where the kids do not like to be in.
It can be a simple corner in the house where the kid will have to stand for a period of time.

– Let the kid know the time he will be placed in the time-out zone. (a guide can be about 1 min per year. Eg a 10 year old will have a time out period of 10 min )
– Let the kid know what is expected from him at the end of the time-out, ie an apology or participation in some activity.
– PRAISE and ENCOURAGE them for any little effort they put in. All children ( in fact, even us adults) loves to be praised ; )
Although I am all for non-violence towards children, however, I still believe in the idea of Mr Cane. (perhaps due to my Asian blood, Hee).

Mr Cane should be used in situations where all time-out and reasoning doesn’t work and should only be used on their legs or bums.  Caning should only be carried out by parents.
I remembered my dad and grandmother caning me when I was young. ( up to Primary 5. Hehe. Quite embarrassed to admit that i was quite a mischevious girl who likes to throw tantrums when being corrected).
I was probably too young to realise it was wrong or I was just being spoilt and being a nuisance.
The caning, especially from my dad, drew boundaries for me.
I have never blame them. In fact, I am pretty grateful to them for teaching me to differentiate right and wrong behaviour at an age where I am not capable in doing yet.
Thank God, they did not over-do the caning such that I do not feel their love for me.

Children will always test our limits.
They do not realise that our patience is as deep as our love for them.