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U got to know how to write chemical equations before you can balance them, right?

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Hey folks, you are not going to get nice equations written for you to balance all the time. 😉

So before you can show your superb chemical reaction balancing skills, you got to know how to write chemical equations first. And you needs to be familiar with the chemical formulaes at the every least.

Common ions are sulfate, nitrate, ammonium, carbonate, prosphate. Kindly PM me if you are still ensure on these ions formulaes. 🙂

Classifying Chemical Reactions

Most chemical reactions can be classified as one of these six basic reaction types:

· Synthesis (combination)

· Decomposition

· Single Replacement (oxidation-reduction)

· Double Replacement (precipitation)

· Acid-Base (neutralization)

· Combustion

1. Synthesis Reaction: A + B –> AB

Sodium (s) + chlorine (g) –> sodium chloride (s)


2. Decomposition Reaction: AB –> A + B

sodium bicarbonate (s) –> carbon dioxide (g) + sodium carbonate (s) + water (l)


3. Single Replacement Reactions: AB + C –> A + CB

hydrochloric acid, HCl (aq) + magnesium (s) –> magnesium chloride (aq) + hydrogen (g)


4. Double Replacement Reactions: AB + CD –> AD + CB

calcium chloride (aq) + ammonium hydroxide (aq) –> calcium hydroxide (s) + ammonium chloride(aq)


5. Acid-Base Reactions: HA + BOH –> BA + H2O

Sulfuric Acid, H2SO4 (aq) + potassium hydroxide (aq) –> potassium sulfate (aq) + water (l)


6. Combustion Reactions: Fuel + O2(g) –> CO2(g) + H20(g)

Hexane, C6H14 (l) + oxygen (g) –> carbon dioxide (g) + water (g)

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Finally, here are some practice for you. ( from your favourite, beautiful and wise tutor. 🙂

First write the products of chemical reactions and write word equations as formula equations and balance correctly.

  1. Magnesium + hydrochloric acid →

2.   Nitric acid + sodium hydroxide →

3.   Silver nitrate reacts with copper to form copper (II) nitrate and silver.

4.   Chlorine gas react with potassium iodide

5.    Sulphuric acid +  gold carbonate →

That’s all, folks.

You are dismissed. 🙂