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Hannahtuition Secondary Students Results! 100% passes! 73% Distinctions! 15% Bs and 12% Cs!

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I have completed about 120 lessons in the last 2 weeks of Sep and first week of Oct for my secondary students!

It is So tiring! But i declare that its all worth it as I stare at my harvest now. 😀

I had received all my secondary students’ results from sms and whatsapp over the past week and tabulated the results as follows;

Although I am happy for Hannahtuition’s secondary students 100% passes on Maths and Science,

I am quite shocked at some of my students’ Maths results. Some of them whom i thought can easily secure a A1 end up with a B3 instead. 😦

Although it didn’t hit my target of 80% distinctions, I have done my best and will continue to do so.  I believe I will have a bigger harvest next year!

* PS: My Hannahtuition secondary students, kindly drop me a note if you think i reflected the results wrongly. 🙂

Enjoy your holidays!!

As spoken, our lessons start second week of November! Dont’t miss me too much and See you! 🙂

Becoming your best

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Yes, competition to a certain extent is healthy and actually i love to compete. Win or lose, i enjoyed the progress.
Wow, is it true?
Or is it because i win most of the time? I do not know until a few years back when things start to fall apart in my life. The conclusion is actually i do not exactly enjoy the progress but i enjoy winning. I must agree that those results didn’t come easy.
I studied very hard to get my straight As in both my O and A levels.
I am thankful I reached my goal and smelled victory.

Even before i graduate, i was doing some online selling and had good income coming in every month.
I believed I became slightly arrogant and I broke my teaching bond just 3 months into NIE (Singapore teaching college).
On top of some personal family issues, I thought the system has too many regulations AND pay me too little for the hours of work i put in.
I forgot about my passion. 😦

From then on, everything just went wrong. My online business slided after 2 years. Apparently, my supplier was advertising his business in the best way he know how and i end up having a dozen of competitors. I cut loss and went to find a corporate job. I was actually doing well. Had a very nice lady boss and i was promoted in the first 2 years. Besides that, my “ang mo” director favoured me. But i wasn’t happy. I thought a higher compensation can make me more happy and i went to another company with a 29% pay increase. I was wrong. I got more money but have to face talking with people who uses “colorful” languages which i detest.

Thank God for giving me the courage to pursue what i enjoyed doing ( which is teaching) despite the pay cut.

That is my story and what i am trying to say is that everyone actually only needs to be focused at our own race.
We are often insecure because we are always comparing and looking at what others is doing/wearing.
Woot! Just dress up!

Don’t look at your friends, and wish to be a S size, be the best M or L size in the world.

Nobody can be a better You than You.

Some of my students…

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I have asked some of my students to share with me a picture of themselves as i want to write something on them and also to build my students database. This shall be a database for me to monitor my tuition journey. Hopefully it will like a chest of success stories and photos to remember the characters’ faces. 🙂

Below, let me proudly present those who are fearless to share. The rest of my students are the typical shy Singapore children. 🙂

Nicholas Chong (North Vista Secondary School)

Nicholas is quite a cool dude for his age. He is not the act tough type which i feel is more cool than those attention-seeking teens who try to act cool or tough.

However, he surprise me at times with his last-minute changes. Duh.

He score distinction for his Mathematics, B for his Science and his English improve from average 50 in CA1 to 70 in SA2 in 2011. Kudos!

Nicholas continue to do well in 2012. Now, 3rd in his level. 🙂

Jasmine Chu ( Riverside Secondary School)

A fast learner. One special case where i have to request her mother to change our 2-hr session to 1.5hr because it will be quite boring for both of us to see her do practice for the last half an hour.

Jasmine strikes me by someone who is determined and knows what she wants.

She did very well (avg grade of 85) for both Mathematics and Science in 2011. Very proud of her!

Ng Shuan Lik ( Yishun Town Secondary School)

Shuan Lik is a very nice guy. His family too. I am so shocked and flattered when his family gave me a nice crystal jade mooncake set during the mooncake festival.

Shuan Lik is responsible and a nice student to coach. He can be quite cheeky at times. Ha.

He scored distinctions for Mathematics and Science for his SA2.

Jasmine Toh (Seng Kang Secondary School)

Jasmine is a cheerful girl. She speaks quite loudly when she gets excited at times. Haha. She achieved distinctions for both her Mathematics and Science from CA1 to SA2 in 2011. Jasmine top her class in 2012 SA1 and holds the second place in her level.

Good Job!

By the way, she is my cousin. 🙂