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Hannahtuition Primary School Students 2012 SA2 Results! 100% Passes, 75% Band 2 and 15% Band 3!!

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Had been so tied up with my holiday program after my Europe trip.

Finally have time to tabulate my primary school students SA2 results.

I am happy for 100% passes! 🙂

Yet a bit disappointed that there is no Band 1 achievements. One of my boys got 82 and 83 for his maths and science, so its a little frustrating because it is just a few marks away from Band 1 (85).

In fact, several of them achieve more than 70. 🙂

For the past few weeks, I received more primary school sign-up for 2013.

Thank God for His faithfulness.

I will continue to do my best. I know I just do what i can do, God will do what I cant do. 🙂


Yes, I did work hard and I am proud of my achievements.

I thank God for bringing these children under my coaching and I will continue to mentor them in the best way i know how. 🙂

My 2 Js in Sengkang! Good CA2 results!

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Jessie joined tuition group with Jasmine in July2012.

I am proud to present their CA2 results for Maths and Science.

– Jasmine maintained her grades. She scored A1 for both subjects AGAIN. Woot!

– Jessie passed both of these subjects this CA2.

She got a B4 for Science and C5 for Mathematics.

To me, the race is not with anyone but ourselves. She won the race this CA2 as she improved from both subjects failing to passing both subjects in 2 months. (Jessie joined tuition group with Jasmine in July2012.) I hope this will motivate her to go further and perform better in the End of year examinations.

I understand that both of them may not be in the same class next year and maybe unable to do tuition together.

But then,

Lets work hard together no matter where we are and soar victoriously like the eagles.

 Also, help weaker friends along the way. 🙂

Yeah! Just receive another good news from one of my student on her CA results!

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Student name: Noor Arifah

Level: Secondary 2

School: Riverside Secondary School



















Ifah is a quiet and gentle girl.

She always finish whatever homework i gave. * Wise girl * if not having tuition is just getting another person to nag at you for not finishing homework. :S

By the way, I am not the kind of tutor whom students can get away without doing or finishing my homework. And i dont give A LOT of homework unless the student seriously need practice.
If this is not the kind of tuition teacher you want, please tell me gently and i can recommend another tutor for you. Hee. I have a friend who runs a tuition agency.


Back to Ifah, Im looking forward to her great results for EOY examinations! 🙂