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Happy National Day to all!

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This entry got nothing to do with education nor my tuition resources.
Chill, its a public holiday today!! 🙂


Today, 9th of August is Singapore National Day! 😀

I am thankful for several things although i do not agree with all of the policies put in place. 😉

I am thankful for

  1. A safe country where we can roam freely without worrying much about robberies and other craziness.

For me, I am much more appreciative of the high level of safety our country has when i started my tuition full-time. Often, i have to work till 9-10pm and got to walk around quiet carparks to locate my car at night.    Thank God for a safe country!

2.  A great environment for education

I understand that the workload may get a little heavy especially for upper primary levels. However, i believe that most of the children still enjoy school very much. And even the child did not perform as well in its primary school days, there is always chance to excel in secondary school. Several of my students top their class and even the whole level when they did not exactly do well in primary school. Woot! 

I always believed each of our learning journey is different. Even for those students who did not perform well academically, they are equipped with the necessary skills for work in technical schools.  And we see many examples of technically-skilled men excelling in their area of work and earning income not less than a university graduate. 🙂

3.   People of different races and religions living together in harmony!

Its such a interesting place with SO MANY Good Food! We are so blessed to have indian roti prata ( from Indian Uncle) , Malay Nasi Goreng  (From Muslim Auntie) and Chinese black pepper crab, hainanese chicken rice (From Chinese gor gor aka brother) and the list go on on on…. 😀 Sometimes, we can even get all above mentioned variety in ONE place. hehe.

I thank God that we are able to live in harmony and we have so many festivals to celebrate.


Happy Blessed Birthday, Singapore!

Wishing Singapore MANY MORE 

prosperous years ahead!!