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Sec 2 Maths Quiz (Direct, Inverse proportions, Scales, Congruence & Similarity) 2 top scorers this time!

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There are 2 top scorers for this quiz!

Score: 78%

  • Jasmine Toh ( Sengkang Secondary School)
  • Justin Lim ( Nan Chiau High School)

Jasmine is a hardworking and very positive girl. She is focused on her goals and I am very sure her goals are not too far away from her. Kudos!

Justin is intelligent. Someone who grasps Mathematical and Science concepts very fast but he needs to be more careful in his work. I am sure he can attain higher grades with focus. Lastly, I am very impressed with the delicious mooncakes he made with his mum. *thumbs up*. 🙂


Sec 2 Algebra Quiz ( Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh , Sengkang Secondary School)

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Sec 2 Algebra Quiz ( Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh , Sengkang Secondary School)

Top Scorer: Jasmine Toh

(Sengkang Secondary School)

Jasmine scored 20 out of 25 which is a pretty 80%.

I have 7 Secondary 2 students (both NA and Express). I gave them the same paper and I am proud to see that a few of my NA students did very well. 😀

I think it shows that it is OK that you are not one of the PSLE top scorers. As long as you work hard in secondary school, you can still catch up. I believe everything is possible and we should give the young ones hope. 🙂

My 2 Js in Sengkang! Good CA2 results!

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Jessie joined tuition group with Jasmine in July2012.

I am proud to present their CA2 results for Maths and Science.

– Jasmine maintained her grades. She scored A1 for both subjects AGAIN. Woot!

– Jessie passed both of these subjects this CA2.

She got a B4 for Science and C5 for Mathematics.

To me, the race is not with anyone but ourselves. She won the race this CA2 as she improved from both subjects failing to passing both subjects in 2 months. (Jessie joined tuition group with Jasmine in July2012.) I hope this will motivate her to go further and perform better in the End of year examinations.

I understand that both of them may not be in the same class next year and maybe unable to do tuition together.

But then,

Lets work hard together no matter where we are and soar victoriously like the eagles.

 Also, help weaker friends along the way. 🙂