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Forming Simultaneous Equations from word problem VIDEO

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Hey Jessie,

Here you go!

I have looked through your workings below and realise you are unable to form the 2 simultaneous equations because you didnt realise that Toby and Sheryl age are not the same 5 years ago, 5 years later and presently. 😦

Its ok. Do a few more of these practice questions and I am sure you will get the drift. 🙂


Please attempt the question again after watching the video and also another similar question that i have send to you via watsapp.

Do submit these 2 questions to me this Thurs. 🙂

Student has maths test the next day. My husband helped to video my explanation and posted it online so she can see.

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Jessie, its for you. 🙂

I hope this video cleared some of your doubts and you can “kill” the simultaneous equations questions tomorrow. 🙂

This is my first time doing something like this. I apologise for the poor lighting, loud volume as it was an impromptu video to explain to you before your test tomorrow. And i was without make-up. Gosh!! Hehe.

Thank God the camera is not in high resolution.

Think some portions of the video are quite shaky and some portions, i speak in bad grammer. Ooops. Hee. Also, the camera was very near and hence one can hear me speaking quite loudly and the pitch captured is slightly high. Hehe.

Apart from all these drama, i hope you saw my passion for mathematics and understood  the mathematics concept for solving simultaneous equations.. 🙂

(Click below for the video presentation)

Have fun in your mathematics test tomorrow! 🙂