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P4/5 Science Thinking Points & Keywords for SPELLING ( Plant & Human Systems)

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I will be doing revision on plant and human systems for my P4 and P5 on plant and human systems next week.

Parents, please ask your child to read the notes below and learn the spelling of the words in bold. Thanks!


P3/P4 Primary Science QUIZ (Classification and Life-cycles of Animals)

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Highest Score: 80%

Joel Seah

Woodgrove Primary School

I am very happy for Joel. He has worked hard and came a long way. 🙂

He needs to be consistant. I expect him to do well for this quiz because it is his favourite topic. Getting the highest score is definately icing on the cake! 🙂 As promised, he will recieve his KOI bubble tea from me next lesson. 🙂

For him, focus and time-management during examinations is the key.


Primary 4 Mathematics ( Time, perpendicular & parallel lines ) problem sums

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This week exercises are a little different. Its a combination of short questions and problem sums on 2 topics ( Time and perpendicular & parallel lines)

End of year exams coming! Excited!

P4 Mathematics Daily Exercises on Angles

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Beautiful Sunday

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Although i rushed several tuition assignments last Sunday ( which i dont usually do as Sunday is the only get-together day with my husband), i enjoyed myself and i believe my students enjoyed the classes too.

I was exceptionally happy because one of the student whom had been giving me problems by not doing his homework or simply rushing through it without putting much thought, finally hand up his work NICELY and PROMPTLY.

Yes. I admit i feel like quitting so many times after a kid shows me attitude after being corrected. But I’m glad i did not.

Love the clip below. (Although its a advertisement for a learning center but it speaks a lot to me and reminded me those reasons why i did not give up.)

How to MEMORISE Science Definitions?

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Who will agree with me that science definitions are a common trait in secondary school science tests and examinations?

I usually do not have problem getting students to learn definitions by heart. Thats what alot of us did and we make sure we “kill” all those definitions questions which aim to award those who take time to study and get these definitions in their head. We call these questions – “sure-kill” questions.

I always thought memorising is the basic and foundation step in different areas of our life.

Dont talk about solving addition, number operations or algebra when we do not even how to write numbers. Basically we just memorise how 1 to 10 are written. Thus, after years of memorising and using of the memorised knowledge, we now know (at the speed of lightning) that 2+3 is equal to a number written this way “5”.

Can you imagine if you go to a doctor and after his diagnosis, he is busy flipping through his medical notes or books, trying to find which medicine to give you. This is because he didnt memorise which medicine works for what illness.  * Gosh!! *

(By the way, this is just a illustration i want to put across how basic memorising stuff are! I DO NOT THINK the above-mentioned doctor will ever be able to get his medical degree NOMATTER how intelligent he is. )

Now, lets set things right once and for all! Yes, i will expect Hannahtuition students to memorise some Science definitions! 🙂

Lets get down to the HOW.

Basically, memorising is a very personal thing. If you learn best in the toilet, please do so. Hehe.

Basically, i memorise by repetition. I will break up a long definition in a few parts and say it OUT to myself. First time, i say out looking at the words then i will cover the words and TEST myself. After a few times, i get it and i move on to the next time. After studying the chapter, i will test myself on the few definitions again. In secondary school, there are only A FEW definitions for each topic. So chill!

Because i so love you (yes, you!… Hannahtuition students. hee), i take time to research on some of the memorising techniques.

In summary, below are some of the methods,

– Grouping

Break down a definition into a few portions. Group the similar objects together to memorise.

I.e , for the definition of isotopes, remember that there are neutron, electron and proton in the defination. These are sub-atomic particles in atoms. So isotopes are atoms.

– Visual affect

Change the way the material is presented so that it’s more funny and unique.

I.e, for the definition of isotopes, imagine 2 atom nucleus. Both atom have the same number of protons. But these 2 atoms have different neutrons! The same number of protons keep jumping up to wave at you! Since the 2 atoms have the same proton number, they are the same element!!

– Repetition

Keep on repeating the definition. Dont only do it in your head. Write it out. Say it out.

– Impact

Usually, we remember certain stuffs vividly when the stuffs relates to certain events that cost a imprint in our memories. Try to make the imaginative story as real as possible.

Usually, my students will remember certain definitions very well after i ask them to stand up and come to the front to lead the class in remembering those definations. hee.


Feel free to talk to me if you seriously want to improve your learning or remembering skills. We can explore together further.

Excuses for not memorising Science definitions will not be entertained. 🙂

Memorising acts on a certain muscle in our brain. 
Like any muscle, the more we use it, the stronger it become.

Lower Secondary – Some basic questions on COLOUR

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Some of my students are doing this chapter now.

Here are some of the basic questions on COLOUR.

Ifah, Jasmine, Jessie, Justin,

please complete this and hand up to me in this week lesson.

Some of you have already received the hardcopy from me. 🙂